Ken & Paul Take a 2 Point Lead into Next Sunday’s Winter League Final

 Little Hay Golf Club

Week ending 27/02 /2022

After all the havoc wrought by storm’s Eunice and Franklin this weekends penultimate round of the winter league was played in fine winter sunshine.

Of those playing Saturday 37 points was the best score returned while Sunday’s best score was an impressive 49 points from league leaders Ken Chalk & Paul Buckoke who take a 2 point lead into next Sunday’s final.  


Nigel Hopkinson and Gerald Devilliers  37 pts

Kirk House & Mick Whelan 37 pts

Ivan Lawrence & Brian Ridgeway 36 pts

Jenny & Tom Wood 36 pts

Steve Crowhurst 30 pts


Ken Chalk & Paul Buckoke   49 pts

Mick Milne & Tong Tse 42 pts

Patrick & Thomas Ashton 40 pts

Gagen Thapa & Aidan Walsh 29 pts