Golfing Etiquette

Do not practice or park trolleys on Tees.

Each player must have his own Golf equipment. (No sharing of clubs is permitted.)

Do not move, talk or stand too close to someone who is about to swing.

Do not play until the players in front are out of reach.

You must play from the tee-markers.

If you search for a ball, give priority to the players behind you. Searching time must not exceed 3 minutes.

You must play without delay and always keep up with the group in front.

Players losing distance (1 Hole or more) must give priority to the group playing behind them by allowing them through.

You must replace your divots.

Please rake the bunkers after use.

You should avoid walking or standing on the putting line of other players.

You should not let the golf clubs fall on the green surface.

You must repair pitch marks on the green and put the flag carefully straight up.

You should leave the green as soon as the other players of the group have finished the hole.

CLOTHING: All players, must be correctly dressed. People are not allowed to play without shirt or wearing beach-wear.


Only 2 persons may use a Buggy.

It is forbidden to drive within 20 metres from the green.

For further guidance on the etiquette of golf, please use see the R & A web site.