How To Join

Little Hay Golf Club is committed to promoting the game of golf to all sections of our community.

Sometimes people say they find it is a little daunting making that first step towards joining a club.

” What will they expect? Am I a good enough player? Are they too wrapped up with rules and etiquette? “

If you’re new to the game, we would try and arrange a mentor who would meet with you and discuss the benefits of joining the club and answer your concerns. We do not favour low handicap players above new beginners – after all, we all have to start somewhere, and we would hope to encourage everyone to improve their game.

We do follow the rules and etiquette of golf, and in part that is what is still attractive about the game. What we never do is make you feel negative about yourself or the game.

Above all, we are a friendly club and everyone is made to feel very welcome. So, don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do right now.

To enable you to experience the course and the club, we can offer discounted rates for rounds and trial Little Hay Golf Club membership. You can also play with current members as part of the informal roll-up on most Tuesday and Thursday mornings. For further details of our introductory package, please contact us using this Contact Form, providing a phone number if you are happy to be phoned.

Membership Application Form and Prices

See the Membership form below, offering a special price for new members in 2023:


Special Price for New Members are:

Adult Member (Age 25 to 59) = £60 (normally £92.50) *
Senior Member (Age 60 & over) = £45 (normally £65) *
Intermediate Member (Age 18 to 24) = £33 (normally £47) *
Junior Member (Under 18) = Free of charge (normally £25.50) *

* inclusive of affiliation fees to Hertfordshire Golf and England Golf, but excluding Little Hay Complex Green Fees.

Green Fees

Please note that membership of Little Hay Golf Club does not include green fees for the course. You can pay green fees in a number of ways:

  • 5 day or 7 day Annual Green Fees
  • ‘Pay and Play’ for each round
  • Play More Golf (for more information see this link).

For information on Annual Green Fees, click on this link: Little Hay Golf Complex Pricing.