Rules for Golf & Competitions

Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf are very well explained on the R & A website.

We have also put together a handy list of golf “jargon” here.

Competition Rules

The latest Little Hay Golf Club Competition Rules (version 20.0) is available here.

Local Rules

The latest version of the Local Rules for Little Hay Golf Club & Complex are available here

  • Local & Competition Rules
    The latest versions of the Local Rules, which apply to all golf played on the course, and the Rules for Competitions organised by Little Hay Golf Club are now available from the “Playing the Course” page
    The local rules allowing free relief in bunkers are cancelled with immediate effect. Relief in bunkers must now be taken in accordance with Rules 12.2, 15.1, 15.2, 16.1c, 16.2 (unlikely) and 19.3. With regard to doubt about the position of the ball players should familiarise themselves with Rule 12.1.
  • Competition Rules Update
    Clarification of local rules following committee meeting on 2 November.
  • Competition Rules Updated
    Competition Rules, Entry Criteria & Local Rules were updated on 21 March 2021 to version 19.4.
  • Rule Changes 2019
    Changes to Rules starting 1st January 2019.