Winter League 2021

This year’s Winter League will be starting on Sunday the 14th of November. The competition runs from the 14th of November till the 06th of March.

There are 8 Sundays pre booked and hopefully Saturdays will be added as well to accommodate players who can’t play on the Sunday.
2 persons per team as usual.
All members are eligible to participate.
All members who would like to participate please contact me by Phone on 07958 330537 Or email


a. The Winter League is open to all Club members and is played on weekend mornings between November and March, when there is no other Club competition.

b. The number of rounds scheduled to be played will be determined by the Fixture Secretary when preparing the Club Calendar for the year.

c. The format is: pairs playing better ball Stableford, with each competitor playing off their WHS Course Handicap. All players will use the Red tees (Unless otherwise instructed by the complex or the organiser) and the Ladies’ card & stroke Index throughout the competition.

d. Each player commences the Winter League with his or her full correct WHS Course Handicap. In addition, women are granted a six shot allowance. No subsequent change to a player’s WHS Handicap Index will affect their Winter League handicap.

e. Handicaps are adjusted after each round based on the performance of the team: i. A score of 36 and under 0-19 Handicap both will gain 1 shot, 20 Handicap and over gain 2 shots. (This only applies IF both players are playing) ii. A score of 43 and over and both lose 1. iii. A score of 46 and over, handicaps 0-9 lose 2 and handicaps 10 and over lose 3. iv. A score of 49 and over both lose an additional extra 1 shot.

f. The winning pair will be the one with the best aggregate score from six rounds (if seven or more are played), from five rounds (if six are played), from four rounds (if five are played), or from all rounds if four or fewer are played.

g. In the event of a tie the winning team will be team with the highest aggregate score of the previous two, three, four etc. rounds.

h. The Winter League is not an authorised format of play for WHS purposes and, therefore, scores should not be submitted to the England Golf Platform.