Info about Mid-Summer Eve League

For those participating in this year’s mid-Summer Evening League, please note that a separate 9-hole scorecard is used for the league – see file below for the scorecard for the front 9 holes (white and red tees). Your course and playing handicap is adjusted to a 9-hole handicap for the front 9 only and Stroke Indices (S.I.) for each are also adjusted to a 9-hole rating system using S.I.s 1 to 9 only. Stableford points are to be calculated in the normal way using your playing handicap in relation to the S.I. on each hole. Each round in this league is a handicap qualifying round and your scores will be entered for handicap purposes. The handicap system will automatically adjust your ‘Score Differential’ to an 18-hole score for your handicap calculation. The ratings are as follows: Men’s White Tees:- Course Rating = 35.6, Slope Rating = 130 and Ladies Red Tees:- Course Rating 36.4 and Slope Rating: 123.

The Mid-Summer Evening League is stableford points competition played over 6 rounds of 9 holes each. Playing Handicap = 95% of Course Handicap (adjusted for front 9). The winner is calculated on the aggregate stableford points of the best 4 rounds.