What does a golfer in England look like?

Reproduced from My England Golf

Rounds of golf reached record numbers in England in 2022 but we wanted to dig a little bit deeper and find out more about who is playing our wonderful game.

Having trawled through the WHS™ data for members and iGolf subscribers, our statisticians have found some pieces of information displayed in the graphic below that makes for very interesting reading.

The average age of a female handicap golfer currently stands at 63 while there has been a reduction in the average age of their male counterparts down to 53 as the younger generations continue to get involved in the game at grassroots level.

Men are playing across the country with an average handicap of 17.3 with women’s handicaps coming in at an average of 27.7 as ever more members seek to improve their handicap by playing regularly with friends and family.

On average, female members in England entered 10 scores in 2022 compared to 12 for male members while men averaged five pars in each round in comparison with three per round for women.

If you haven’t posted a general play score before then it’s easy to do via the MyEG app