News From Little Hay Golf Complex July 2022

Hopefully you will agree that the course has significantly improved over the last month thanks to a combination of hard work from the greens team and good weather. If you could pray for sunny days and rain over night, we would be grateful! In more detail, here is some of the work that has and is taking place.

The greens are being cut six days per week and this will continue for the next two months. They will also have a fertiliser application. Aeration and topdressing will take place at 6 weekly intervals, whilst verti-cutting or light scarification will take place weekly. The greens will then be over-seeded in August.

The tees will be cut a minimum of twice per week and they will also be fertilised this month. As you will have noticed, we now have divot boxes on the four short hole tees – please use them to repair any damage.

These are being cut twice per week to help maintain the striping and we will be spraying Herbicide to kill the clover (there is a lot of clover!).

Rough and Semi-Rough
This year we have introduced more rough areas which will encourage wild flowers and hopefully attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

We are raking bunkers a minimum of twice per week and recognise there is still more work to be done. 30 tonnes of sand will be added to the bunkers during July which will be a further improvement.

Driving Range
The new fencing has been completed and we have added four new mats and thirty baskets. We are having to add new baskets every other month as they are mysteriously disappearing.  If you have any ‘intel’ please do let us know! We will also be taking delivery of 6,000 new balls in the coming weeks.

We are still desperately trying to recruit excellent front of house team members, which will allow us to open the Clubhouse for longer and more consistently. If you know someone who may be interested, please ask them to send their CV to

Our group lessons continue to grow from strength to strength. Ladies lessons are currently sold out but there are a few spaces left on the Adult Beginners Course starting on the 8th August. We also have some space on the Junior Beginners  and Intermediates Courses starting Saturday 6th August. If you know anyone who may be interested in learning golf, please do pass on our details. 

Thanks as always for your support.
All the best

George and the greens team