You might have noticed that several of the Winter Tees (Mats) have recently been brought into play. Please note that placing a Yellow or Red “tee of the day” marker by a Mat does not make that Mat into a Yellow or Red tee; it is still a Winter Tee position. Mixed tee sets do not constitute a valid configuration of the course from the standpoint of the rules of handicapping. Scores for rounds played from a mixture of grass and Mat tees must not be entered into HowDidIDo or England Golf Systems.

If you wish to play a round and enter your scores you must play from only one set of tees. All Mats are in the Winter Tee set. The Red Tee set is defined by the Red painted “brick” on each tee ground or a “tee of the day” marker located in the same teeing area; similar definitions apply to the White and Yellow tees.

This requirement to use only one set of tees has been pointed out to the Head Green-keeper and he agreed that we can continue to play from the appropriate grass tees. If, on any particular tee, the “tee of the day” marker has been placed by the Mats and you wish to enter your score then that hole must be played from the vicinity of the appropriate coloured “brick”.

If the day arrives when all 18 mats are in play then a different scorecard applies and you can enter your scores against the “Winter” tees selection in HowDidIDo