How Did I Do – Official Slope Ratings and Par

Would all members please note that the provisional slope ratings for the tees at Little Hay no longer apply. Our formal ratings are now in force both on the England Golf WHS platform and on our club software which you access via HowDidIDo.

The impact of this is that the Slope Ratings have changed significantly. For example, the Yellow Tees have gone from the provisional slope of 115 to 126 and you will see this in a change to your Course Handicap when you enter scores for a Casual Round and in your Playing Handicap when entering scores for a competition. Your Handicap Index will not change because of this. Only the scores which you submit will bring about changes to your Handicap Index.

There is another significant change in that the course from the Yellow Tees is now Par 70 because holes 12 and 18 have each been reduced to Par 4 from Par 5.

We are making urgent pleas for a set of Slope Tables and as soon as they arrive they will be made available on the club website. In the fullness of time a board displaying all relevant slope table will be displayed at the course, presumably somewhere in or around the clubhouse.