Rule Changes 2019

Little Hay Golf Club 2019
Changes to Rules starting 1st January 2019.

  1. Where you drop a ball is now given a name – The Relief Area. There are various references to this area when taking relief, so please check the details. The Relief Area is measured using your longest club in an arc i.e. a semi-circle no nearer the hole. A dropped ball must now come to rest within the Relief Area.
  2. Penalty Area – this is a feature such as ditch, pond, out of bounds, marked with white, yellow or red stakes. Touching the ground or water in a penalty is permitted e.g. if using the club for balance – but is still not allowed behind the ball. For accidental touching during a stroke there is no penalty.
    Main Rule changes:
  3. Lost ball search time is now reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes (from the time the first person starts looking !)
  4. If a ball is moved while searching e.g. stood on or kicked, it must be replaced – no penalty.
  5. Dropping a ball – must be from knee high (no higher or lower)
  6. A ball hitting any player or any equipment now has no penalty – play where it comes to rest.
  7. A ball hit twice in a single stroke counts as one stroke.
  8. Loose impediments can now be removed from anywhere including bunkers and ponds.
  9. A ball can now be dropped out of a bunker for a 2 stroke penalty.
  10. A plugged ball now always gets a free drop (except in a bunker) and is no longer a local rule.
  11. Repairing any damage on a green e.g. spike marks as well as pitch marks is now permitted.
  12. A ball accidentally moved on the green e.g. nudged when taking aim, must be replaced – no penalty.
  13. Hitting the flag stick while in the hole – no penalty. I.e. the flag CAN be left in when on the green.
  14. A ball resting against the flagstick in the hole is deemed to be holed even if not below the lip.
  15. A caddie or playing partner standing behind the player to assist with lining up is not allowed.
  16. A pace of play policy is recommended – for Little Hay our initial approach is to promote Ready Golf to keep up the pace of play – please see the Ready Golf section of our website.