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SENIORS: August Medal
Thursday August 6th
Division 1 Result
WINNER   Erman Housein       80-15c=65

        2nd   Christopher Olliffe   86-18c=68

         3rd   Tony Grainger         87-17c=70

Division 2 Result
WINNER   Ross Dorras             87-23c=64
        2nd   Paul Buckoke            95-23c=72
         3rd   Christopher Murray   99-27c=72

MEN: August Medal
Saturday August 1st
WINNER:   Paul Rolfe  77-10 = 67
2nd            Thomas      85-17 = 68 on Countback
3rd             Ben Alford  78 - 10 =68

JUNIORS July medal (Mixed)
Friday 31st July
Winner:  Oliver       86-24 = 62
2nd        Sapphire  91-23 = 68
3rd         Thomas   89-17 = 72

MEN: July Stablefored
Saturday 18th July 2020
Winner Thomas   42Pts
2nd Alex Pavlov   42Pts  (on Countback)
3rd Mick Whelan  40Pts

SENIORS: Stableford July 16th
Tony Grainger won with 5 pars beating Roger Welch in a card play off.

Tony Grainger  39
2nd Roger Welch 39
3rd Mick Milne 38

MEN: July Medal
Saturday 4th July 2020

Mick Whelan  82 – 10 = 72
2nd            Paul Mudd      77 –  5 = 72

3rd             Tong Tse         77 –  5 = 72

SENIORS: Chiltern Winter Breakfast League
Monday 16th March 2020 (Match Play)

HOME-v-Oakland Park GC

Little Hay LOST 4-2

CLUB: Captain’s Drive In (Texas Scramble)
Saturday 14th March 2020

WINNERS: Chris Miles(15), Tong Tse (5), David Dean (17), Thomas Ashton (19)

With a Medal Score of 58 off of a Combined/Texas Scramble H’cap of....7

SENIORS: March Medal (played as a Stableford)
Thursday 5th March 2020

WINNER:   Phil Gonzalez (21) 41 pts

2nd:             Ross Dorras    (23) 37 pts (on Ctbk)

3rd:              Dave Smith     (18) 37 pts

SENIORS: February Stableford
Thursday 20th February 2020

WINNER:     David Smith    (18)    41 pts

2nd:               Ross Dorras     (23)   37 pts (on Ctbk)

3rd:                Tony Mayhew(14)    37 pts

SENIORS:  Chiltern Winter Breakfast League(Match Play)
Tuesday 18th February 2020

HOME v Aylesbury Vale GC

Little Hay WON by 4.5 to 1.5

MEN: The Alan Irwin Shield (Stableford)
Saturday 15th February 2020

POSTPONED to Sunday 29th March  due to rain/strong wind/storm ‘Dennis’.

This Competition has been rescheduled for Sunday March 29th at 9.00am

SENIORS: February Stableford

Thursday 6th February 2020
WINNER:    Wael AlJawad         (24) 41pts (on Ctbk)
2nd:              Trevor V. Sargent   (17) 41pts
3rd:               Kenneth Chalk       (29) 40pts
4th:               PeterHalls              (37) 38pts

MEN: February Medal (played as a Stableford)
Saturday 1st February 2020

WINNER:   Jerry Clarke (14)        42 pts

2nd:             Erman Housein (16)  41 pts

3rd:              Chris Morris  (9)        40 pts

MEN: Founders Day (Stableford)
Saturday 18th January 2020

Winner:   Kirk House (17)        45pts

2nd:           Martin Evans (23)   43pts

3rd:            Mick Whelan (10)   42pt

SENIORS: January Monthly Stableford            
Thursday 16th January 2020

WINNER:     Philip Gonzalez (21)   42 pts

2nd:              Tony Grainger    (18)   40 pts (on Ctbk)

3rd:               Mick Milne           (7)   40 pts

4th:               Steve Viney       (29)   40 pts
“ NB: Erman Housein (16) actually WON the above Competition with 43pts but was NOT a prize-winner as he was docked 3pts (under Seniors Winter rules)  for being an earlier Winner”.

MEN: January Medal-Stableford( played as a Stableford)
Saturday 4th January 2020

WINNER:  Kirk House   (17)  45 pts

2nd:           Martin Bull    (16)  44 pts (on Ctbk)

3rd:            Jerry Clarke (14)  44 pts